2nd participant activity

On the 15th of February, the second participant activity of the Study Tour was held. It has been a while since the last participant activity and everyone was excited to come back together. Participants received a progress update from the committee. Afterward, they participated in a pub quiz to test their knowledge of Taiwan and Australia. The night was concluded with discussing travel plans for after the study tour.

The participant activity was held at Beneden Peil, the student bar for Civil Engineers in Twente. The committee had arranged a special craft beer for the occasion. The upside-down hanging Harry beer was delicious according to the participants.

While enjoying their drinks, all participants joined a pub quiz made by the committee. The quiz tested the knowledge of the participants about Taiwan and Australia. After multiple questions and a music round, the points were counted and the result was a 4-way tie! Luckily, the committee had prepared a tiebreaker and in the end a single team was victorious.

After handing out a small prize for the pub quiz the participants had some time to mix and talk about their travel plans for after the study tour. Many participants still had doubts where they wanted to go, as there are many great options like Australia, New Zealand or somewhere in southeast Asia.

One thing that was clear for everyone was the excitement about the study tour. All participants cannot wait to journey to Taiwan and Australia and explore the civil engineering workfields there.