3rd Participant Activity

On the 9th of April, the third participant activity of the Study Tour was held. All participants gathered at the university to participate in a war game organised by Defensity College.

Before the activity took place everyone had dinner together. While eating a delicious poke bowl participants talked about their travel plans for after the study tour. Great ideas were shared and travel tips and tricks were exchanged. After dinner, it was time for the activity, a war game about the political situation around Taiwan, one of the destinations of the study tour.

Participants split up into different teams, where each team represented a key player in this international conflict. Each team got to take several actions each turn. These actions could be political, economic or military. At the end of each round, all players gathered around the map and the actions were played out.

At the end of the game the teams luckily did not destroy each other or the area around Taiwan, so we will still be able to visit the country this coming October. Although tensions were high at some point everything came to a peaceful conclusion.