Masha odijk

Secretary & Chief of Excursions

irma van rozendaal

Chariman, Treasurer & Chief of Educational Affairs

thorvald rorink

Chief of Excursions & Chief of External Affairs


Chief of External Affairs & Chief of Travel

The Study Tour Committee organises the biannual, professional and intercontinental study tour of ConcepT. On this page, each of the committee members will introduce themselves to you.

Irma van Rozendaal

My name is Irma and I am in my second year of the Integrated Civil Engineering Systems master. Originally I come from the south of the Netherlands, so doing social activities is in my blood. That is why I like to drink a beer with friends or joining/organising activities of ConcepT in my spare time. Occasionally, one can find me playing a very Dutch sport called korfball.

I am happy to take the lead as the chairman of this committee. As the treasurer of the Study Tour Committee it is my task to make sure we have enough funds to go on the trip. Furthermore, I am the Chief of Education. Which means I am in charge of organising the educational program before and after the tour. I am excited to see how the educational program and the excursions of the Study Tour come together and have an amazing time with all the people joining and helping around.

Masha Odijk

My name is Masha. I am currently in the last phase of the Bachelor of Civil Engineering at the University of Twente. In February I will officially start with the master Integrated Urban Transport, which I am very much looking forward to. Beside my studies I like to swim on a competitive level, read a book, paint, or have a beer with some friends.

In the Study Tour committee my functions are Secretary and Chief of Excursions. As secretary I, of course, make sure all the important decisions are written down. Furthermore, I also am in charge of the website. I am most exited about my other function Chief of Excursions. Together with Thorvald, I contact different organizations at our destinations to arrange some fun and educational visits. Being in contact with the hosting organizations I am more and more exited to see what Singapore and Australia have to offer. I am sure it will be great!

Thorvald Rorink

My name is Thorvald! I am currently in my second year of the River and Coastal Engineering master at the University of Twente. Beside my study I’m active at my study association ConcepT to co-organise this Study Tour. Furthermore, I like to practice football, ballroom dancing and long distance running.

Originating in Twente, I have not traveled much during my study. Therefore I’m all too excited to travel to Singapore and Australia. Within the Study Tour Committee I’m responsible for the excursions and external affairs. As Chief of Excursions, I’m in contact with all of the hosting organisations to discuss the possibilities and content of the excursions during our trip. As Chief of External affairs, I’m responsible for the acquisition of contract researches and general sponsoring in the Netherlands. During the Study Tour, I look forward to speaking to all (mail)contacts in person, see the projects with my own eyes and taste the real Singaporean and Australian culture myself!

Bjorn Schutte

My name is Bjorn. I am in the second year of the master Traffic Engineering and Management and I also do the master of Public Administration next to it. I hope to finish both next year. Beside my study, I like to play squash or watch other sports, I work at Lyceo and I like to hang out with my housemates or other friends.

In the Study Tour committee I’m the Chief of External Affairs and the Chief of Travel. This means that I’m responsible for the contract researches and the sponsoring together with Thorvald. As chief of travel, the main responsibilities are the plane tickets and the accommodations in Singapore and Australia. Furthermore I will look for nice cultural excursions, so if you have ideas let me know! I joined this committee to have a nice project next to my study and because I really like to travel. I have travelled many countries within Europe (I prefer the Scandinavian ones) but I’ve never been outside Europe and I think this will be a great first time.