What is expected from the participants?

Participants need to take the study tour seriously. You will commit yourself to a three week trip and an educational program of 10EC. We aim to keep the level of the study tour high. The admission fee is set at max. €1500. Next to that, a participant needs to do a research contract for a (civil engineering) company of 120 hours in advance of the tour. The committee will look for an appropriate research contract for you. This in total will get you the trip to and from the destinations, every meal on the trip, excursions etc.

Application Process:

If you want to join the study tour 2022 to the United Arab Emirates and South-Korea, you have to send an application to src2022@concept.utwente.nl. The deadline for application is the 29th of October. Your application can be maximum 2 A4 pages. Your application must include:

  • Your motivation to join the study tour;
  • What you can add to the study tour;
  • Your planning for the upcoming year (2022);
  • How many EC you expect to have in September 2022;
  • For students who are currently still in their bachelor, include which master you will likely be doing in the academic year 2022-2023;
  • Whether you are willing to do contract research and in which field you would prefer to do this;
  • Your CV.

Overall Planning: