Sky High, Down Under

During this Study Tour we will visit Singapore and Australia. Two countries that share many differences at first sight, but whose problems are all too similar in regard of civil engineering challenges. Both countries have a very high urbanization rate and with that, scarce spaces to execute projects and thus innovative solutions are necessary to maintain a high level of well-being. High rise buildings and underground projects have become common to safe up space on ground level. Furthermore, new challenges lie ahead in the form of climate change and growing or aging population, which puts even more pressure on the resilience of cities. 

Although both countries have many similar challenges, there are numerous dissimilarities as well. Even though both countries have a history of British colonization and immigration, their culture is very different despite many nationalities living together.

Singapore has been built up by one family to one of the most advanced cities in Southwest-Asia in less than half a century. This is a remarkable performance, given the scarcity of natural resources and lack of space. Compared to Singapore, Australia has a more isolated location, but has much more space and natural resources available. Nevertheless, most people live in large coastal cities with very large distances between them.

Both countries face similar challenges, but have different ways to solve them. How are civil engineering challenges solved at both destinations?