From Left to Right: Sander de Groot, Kevin Vermeulen, Amy ten Berge, Lieke van Haastregt en Luuk van Laar

Amy ten Berge

Chairman & Chief of Education

Hi, my name is Amy ten Berge, 21 years old and currently in my fourth year as a Civil Engineering student. After finishing the teaching minor and my bachelor thesis last year, this year I started with my master Water Engineering and Management. Now that I have already learnt a lot about Civil Engineering in the Netherlands, I am curious to explore how the United Arab Emirates and South Korea are dealing with the current challenges in the Civil Engineering field. 

Besides my study, I like speedskating and playing other sports. I have done a board year at speedskating association D.S.V. de Skeuvel and I have been active in several committees of ConcepT as well. As I enjoyed doing these committees a lot, I am very enthusiastic about this next challenge, which is the study tour! 

As chairman of the committee, I am responsible for the overall coordination of the preparations and planning of the study tour. Next to that, I am the Chief of Education, which means that I will focus on organising the educational program before, during and after the study tour. I am really excited to see how the educational and fun part of the study tour will in the end come together in one beautiful trip.

Kevin Vermeulen

Secretary & Chief of Excursions &

Hey, my name is Kevin Vermeulen and I’m 22 years old. I’m in the first year of the Master Integrated Civil Engineering Systems with the Civil Engineering Structures profile since Hydraulic Engineering, Construction and Modelling are the topics I am mostly interested in. I have been living and studying in Enschede for more than 4 years already and I have enjoyed every minute of it. Next to my study, I like to have a drink with my friends, listen to a lot of music and go to concerts and festivals. 

I am and have been part of multiple committees of the study association ConcepT and therefore organizing the study tour, as it is a large project that is to be worked on for a long time, felt like the next step to gain more organizational experience. The study tour especially seemed a good fit as I really enjoy travelling and it is a unique opportunity to visit countries I have never visited before, within an educational context. 

Together with Luuk, I am responsible for arranging excursions related to our theme to experience the most innovative, challenging and interesting Civil Engineering projects in the United Arab Emirates and South Korea. As the Secretary, I am also responsible to keep you up to date through this website.

Luuk van Laar

Treasurer & Chief of Excursions &

Hello there! I am Luuk van Laar and I am 21 years old at the moment of writing this. I completed the bachelor Civil Engineering at the University of Twente and pursued my interest in the water field, by starting the Civil Engineering and Management master with the focus on River and Coastal Engineering. I am very curious to see how Civil Engineering problems are being dealt with in countries like Dubai and South Korea.

Before the study tour, I participated in several committees of the study association ConcepT. I participated in the sportscommittee and symposium committee. Here, I could express my interest for sports, but also get to know more about the companies working in the Civil Engineering industry. In my role as Chief of Excursions I hope to learn more about the international work field and their ways of working on Civil Engineering problems.

Lieke van Haastregt

Chief of External Affairs

Hi! My name is Lieke van Haastregt and I am the Chief of External Affairs of the Study Tour committee. Currently I am a fifth-year Civil Engineering student. After doing a board year at the study association, I completed my Bachelor Civil Engineering in June 2021, with a thesis about flood mitigation in Italy. After that I started studying for my Master degree in River and Coastal Engineering, which I am still doing right now.

I have always liked to travel, to explore new countries and cultures, but since I started studying Civil Engineering I have travelled with a different view than before. When I go abroad I now look at the quality and organisation of infrastructure in big cities, I look at how the coastal flood protection systems are set up and I am curious about how the river flows are maintained in the middle of impermeable cities. Of course, I also still like to enjoy the culture and the relaxing part. And what is best, is that the ideal combination of these aspects will be found in the Study Tour!

Before we leave, however, my main focus in this committee will be on contacting organisations in the Netherlands and linking them to students, which helps to pay for most of the expenses of the participants of the Study Tour. So I am looking forward to doing this and exploring the United Arab Emirates and South Korea with a large group of enthusiastic students!

Sander de Groot

Chief of Travel & Chief of External Affairs

Hi, my name is Sander de Groot, 1st year Master student Civil Engineering at the Utwente. After completing the Bachelor I was looking for a different challenge, besides studying, and the Studytour seemed the perfect fit for me! I am eager to explore more of the Civil Engineering field outside of Europe, where there are different challenges, regulations and cultures. Since I have never travelled outside of Europe it is going to be an exciting challenge for me.

As Chief of Travel I am responsible for the journey to the Emirates and South Korea, our stay, and the trip back. I am also partly Chief of External affairs, where together with Lieke I will contact companies and (governmental) institutions for contracts and sponsoring. For me, the main goal of this tour is to organize an amazing educational trip with a group of ambitious students, and learn more about Civil Engineering abroad.