Except for the experiences, you also have to learn from the Study Tour. That is why the tour is accompanied by two courses that will take place before the trip, in the first weeks of quartile 1 of the study year 2024-2025. Each course is centred on a study. The studies are on a macro, meso and micro scale and will be done in groups. During the trip, you will also be working on these studies and afterwards you will present your findings.

  • Macro study: Aimed to make participants familiar with the destination of the Study Tour.
  • Meso study: Deepening your knowledge of the workings of a particular civil sector in the countries of the Study Tour.
  • Micro study: A study mainly done during the Study Tour. The study complements excursions of the study tour. 

As an MSc-student, the study tour will grant you in total 10EC’s (given you have completed the track with sufficient marks). These study points can be used as part of your MSc-degree as free electives.