Final Symposium: Closure of Study Tour

It has already been a while since all participants arrived back in the Netherlands after their trips following the study tour. It is safe to say that for all participants, the study tour was an experience filled with new, educational and fun experiences, both culturally and in civil engineering! In the weeks after the study tour, participants worked on finishing their micro studies using observations and results obtained during the study tour. Last week, on Friday, the 13th of January, the final symposium was held at the University of Twente, where the participants presented the results of their micro study. The symposium was visited by the participants, who invited family and friends, and also by teachers and interested students. Besides the presentation of micro study results, a short recap of the study tour was given, a presentation was given about the day in the life of a study tour participant, and the aftermovie was shown. The symposium was concluded with a drink where we could reminisce about our experiences and look back at an amazing experience!

The organizing committee would like to thank everybody that made this study tour possible, including the participants, teachers, companies and institutions who hosted an excursion, our sponsors and contract research partners. Without all of you, we could not have organized the study tour!