Only 2.5 Months until the Study Tour starts!

Now that the summer break has started, it means that the Study Tour is getting closer! To count the days until the study tour starts, a countdown has been added to this website. From the countdown, it can be seen that at the moment of publishing this post, there are only 2.5 months left until the study tour starts!

As Study Tour Committee, we are very excited, and preparations are going well. Almost all required excursions are confirmed. We have added all confirmed excursions to our website under Tour -> Excursions.

During our study tour, we will be posting daily on Polarsteps; you can find our Polarsteps account on the main menu of this website.

Finally, in the meanwhile, since our last posts, there have been more participant activities. At the last activity, we participated in an Arabic cooking class where we made some delicious Arabic meals.