dr. ir. Anouk Bomers

Anouk Bomers works as an Assistant Professor in the group of Marine and Fluvial Systems, which is part of the Water Engineering and Management department at the University of Twente. Her research focuses on improving hydraulic modelling approaches for large-scale river applications. This involves two aspects, namely: improving the accuracy of hydraulic model predictions and decreasing computational times of the highly-detailed hydraulic models. Anouk’s research focuses on novel calibration methods and developing surrogate model techniques to simplify and replace our complex hydraulic river models. The main aim is to develop modelling approaches to enable real-time flood predictions.

During her PhD, Anouk focused on the reconstruction of historic flood events to enable the extension of the data set of measured discharges. To enable historic flood reconstructions, efficient hydraulic models are required in terms of model accuracy and computational times due to the large number of uncertainties that need to be included in the analysis. Therefore, Anouk developed models with various complexities, ranging from detailed 2D models to non-physical data-driven models to analyse the trade-offs between computational times and the accuracy of model predictions. For her PhD thesis, Anouk received the 2020 KIVI Hoogendoorn Award, representing the best PhD thesis in the field of Fluid Mechanics in the Netherlands.

ir. Oskar Eikenbroek

Oskar Eikenbroek is a researcher at the chair Transport Engineering and Management, department of Civil Engineering, University of Twente. His research centers on the data-driven modeling and optimization of transportation systems, with a focus on multi-objective and multi-level optimization. In 2016, he received his MSc degrees in Civil Engineering and Management and Applied Mathematics from the University of Twente. After graduation, he continued as a PhD researcher on travel time predictions for logistics service providers. In 2020, he was a visiting researcher at ETH Zurich. Oskar’s research is published in academic journals such as Transport Research Part B, IEEE Transactions on ITS, and European Journal of Operational Research. 

dr. ir. Wilco Tijhuis

Dr.ir.ing.Wilco Tijhuis (PhD, MSc, BSc) is a part-time Ass.Professor (Assistant Professor; UD) at the University of Twente, Faculty of Engineering Technology, Department of Construction Management & Engineering (CME), in Enschede, The Netherlands (www.utwente.nl). His current research focuses in particular on Construction Management & Procurement, Internationalization & Strategies, Business Development and Business Cultures in international Construction Industry.

Wilco regularly publishes in international scientific journals and magazines, and is also a member of several international scientific arbitration boards and gives keynotes and (guest) lectures.

Since about 2004 he has also been one of the two coordinators of the committee W112 “Culture in Construction” of the international research and industry platform CIB.

Parallel to his academic position, Wilco holds management positions in (international) business and is an advisor to various companies.