What is the Study Tour

The study tour is an intercontinental tour which is organized once every two years by study association ConcepT. The study tour mainly focuses on MSc-students. The study tour of 2018 visited Japan. Other destinations have been the United States of America, Brazil, Indonesia & Singapore and Argentina & Uruguay. The study trip takes three weeks during which numerous excursions in all fields of civil engineering and some cultural excursions will be organized. In advance of the tour, courses will be organized which have to do with Singapore, Australia and the theme ‘Sky High, Down Under’.

Why Singapore and Australia?

Singapore is an island city state in South-East Asia that has seen a rapid development over the past decades with its globally important port and flourishing economy. Singapore has among all countries one of the highest qualities of life, which is an amazing achievement with over 5.5 million residents on only 700 km2. Such a small island with a large population causes tough civil engineering challenges which will only increase in a changing climate.

Australia has never been visited by a ConcepT Study Tour. Strange, because it is such an interesting destination that has a lot to offer. Australia is a modern country with a rich history, ranked 3rd on the Human Development Index. Being the most remote continent, it has always solved its own problems and developed its own culture. 90% of the population of Australia live in coastal cities of which the two largest (Sydney and Melbourne) account for 37% of the country’s total population.